Our goal

Bunyo (laughing) is a small-scale non profit that originated from the need for solid education in Northern Uganda and the lack of money from parents to pay for that education.

Children from vulnerable and underprivileged groups ( in Northern Uganda ) also want to go to school, have a decent job or have a say and bring about change in their society. They want to be able to decide about their lives and develop themselves. It is our deepest hope to see children and young people in Northern Uganda happy and to make them laugh!

What do we do?

- We want to give children and young people from disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in northern Uganda the opportunity to learn and develop by paying school fees. This in full dialogue with the local population.

- We are investing in the future of children and young people in northern Uganda, an area which, since the civil war, is still disadvantaged compared to the rest of Uganda.

- Buyno is financed purely by private donations. The maximum amount of the funds goes to the children's school fees.

- In addition, we also want to contribute to the repairs and possible extension of the school buildings where our children are educated. In close collaboration with the local school boards, we want to help them financially with the provision of drinking water, infrastructure works to expand classrooms, school materials, books, etc.

- The non-profit runs entirely on volunteers, so there are no personnel costs. The private donations go 100% to the local children and schools.

How can you help?

- Become a Bunyo parent of a child in Northern Uganda and make a monthly, quarterly or annual donation to give a child the chance of a decent education. You will receive a sheet with a photo and the background of your Bunyo child. In addition, you will receive annual letters, photos and a report and at the end of each school trimester the results achieved in class.

- Make a single or annual donation for infrastructure works, water supplies or school materials in the schools where our Bunyo children are educated.

A tax certificate will be issued for all donations of EUR 40 or more.

Our project is also supported by vzw Kontinenten with whom we have signed a cooperation agreement.



Our other projects

Water supply


Patrick Odong is an ex-child soldier who wants to grow vegetables in the fields of his village. He lives in Purongo, Northern Uganda. Due to the ongoing drought and reduced rainfall, the water sources in northern Uganda are drying up. For this reason, we dug a well, installed a water pump in it and connected it to a solar panel....

Stunting isa form of malnutrition that affects the health and brain of newborns due to unbalanced nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life - from conception to two years of age. More specifically, it is a deficiency of Vitamin A, zinc, iron and protein of the mothers during pregnancy and of the child during the first two years.

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