Addressing the issue of Stunting


Stunting isa form of malnutrition that affects the health and brain of newborns due to unbalanced nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life - from conception to two years of age. More specifically, it is a deficiency of Vitamin A, zinc, iron and protein of the mothers during pregnancy and of the child during the first two years.

The project aims to support a children's farm in Kaazi, Wakiso district, where school children and pregnant women are trained in growing and preparing nutritious crops. In particular, the children's farm promotes the cultivation and consumption of local crops that are rich in Vitamin A, zinc, iron and protein.

The ultimate goal is to improve the health, learning, employment and self-reliance of children in Uganda. The project can serve as a model for similar initiatives in other countries in East Africa, such as Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania, where stunting is also a major problem. The farm is managed by Patrick Odong, a Ugandan ex-child soldier who graduated as an agricultural engineer in 2017.