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What does Bunyo do?

Education accessible to all

All children in the world should have the opportunity to go to school, to develop and to evolve, to participate actively and to bring about changes in their society. Unfortunately, this is not the case everywhere. Also not in Palenga, Northern Uganda.

Together with the local community, management and teachers of the Pope Benedict XVI school, we invest in nursery, primary and secondary education and offer training to girls and boys whose parents cannot pay the school fees.

In addition, we help with the expansion of the school by giving them the means to start up a library, set up sanitary blocks, provide clean drinking water, maintain classrooms, ...

 In order to realise these initiatives, the children of Palenga need your support!

Our key values

  • Small-scale

  • All funds and donations go 100% guaranteed to the children

  • Transparency and fairness

  • Strong communication between nonprofit, Bunyo parents, children, school and management

  • Professional on-site monitoring

Our objectives

Commitment to education

Education is the basis of everything. 30% of children in northern Uganda still do not have the means to get a proper education. Through our sponsored learning trajectory, we also want to give these children a chance to obtain a diploma.

Clean drinking water and sanitary facilities

We will drill wells to a depth where a constant supply of clean water is guaranteed. At the bottom of these wells, a water pump will be placed which, powered by solar energy, will pump the clean water to a large water tank. The water collected in this tank can be used for drinking, cooking and washing.

Provide solid school materials

In addition to solid school buildings and classrooms, it is essential for a school to be able to offer good material to its pupils. This ranges from school books, desks, chairs to kitchen equipment, water supply, sports infrastructure, etc... We want to meet this need through our donations and organisation of events.

Nutritional benefits of a varied diet

There is no shortage of food in Uganda, but neither is there a shortage of diversity of food. However, there is a lack of knowledge to recognise that a varied diet is necessary to live a healthy life. Through awareness-raising campaigns and training on this subject, we are trying to disseminate the need for this. 


Our other projects 

Water supply


Patrick Odong is an ex-child soldier who wants to grow vegetables in the fields of his village. He lives in Purongo, Northern Uganda. Due to the ongoing drought and reduced rainfall, the water sources in northern Uganda are drying up. For this reason, we dug a well, installed a water pump in it and connected it to a solar panel....

Stunting isa form of malnutrition that affects the health and brain of newborns due to unbalanced nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life - from conception to two years of age. More specifically, it is a deficiency of Vitamin A, zinc, iron and protein of the mothers during pregnancy and of the child during the first two years.

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