How to become a Bunyo parent? 

  • A child's school career in Palanga, Northern Uganda costs an average of 240 euros per year during primary and secondary school.
  • This amount includes:
  • Enrolment fee of the school for one year
  • School books
  • School uniform
  • Accommodation at boarding school during school days, only for the big holidays the children go back home.
  • All meals during the stay at the boarding school
  • Purchase of school materials
  • We start with the learning pathways for the children in the first or second year. This is the moment when for many children there are no financial means to pay for school.
  • This amount can be paid as follows::
  • in one go for an entire school year (in January, school years in Uganda are from the beginning of February until the end of November)
  • EUR 80 three times a year, before the beginning of each quarter (January, April and July)
  • monthly 20 euros
  • This amount goes in full to the supported child.
  • You can obtain a tax certificate for the amount you supported.
  • Every school year you will receive photos and a report of your child and after each school trimester you will receive his/her school results.
  • You can transfer your amount to the account below, mentioning Bunyo and your national registration number.

    At the end of the financial year in which you have transferred your amount, you will receive a tax certificate at the beginning of January. Add this to your tax return and you may recover 45% of the amount paid.

    Banc account
    Kontinenten vzw
    BE66 7380 3734 7143
    Notice: your name, family name and national register number + vzw Bunyo  

  • If you are interested, please contact one of our board members by email or phone. If you would like us to explain everything orally and personally, we will be happy to do so.

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